Data delivery

  • Only printable PDF/X3
  • Embedded fonts and images
  • Colour profiles: Cover and core: ISO Coated v2
  • Profiles available on request
  • Disk or other media (clearly marked)
  • Data transfer via FTP server:
    User: TM_Advertising
    Password: Advertising_TM
  • Note: for optimum colour balance a colour proof must be provided with each advertisement!

Naming Digital Data

  • File naming convention: "TM_XX_14_CustomerName.pdf" (XX = issue, 14 = year).
  • Furthermore, it is necessary to specify a contact person for any questions (incl. phone number) who can be contacted if something needs to be clarified or following an incomplete contact data transmission.
  • Important: the correct filename of the transmitted data is an absolute requirement!

Trim advertisements

  • 5 mm bleed width for trim advertisements (all around, on all sides!).
  • Elements that may be at risk of being cropped must be placed at a distance of at least 5 mm to all trimming edges (bleed width).
  • All crop marks and printing registration marks must be placed outside the trim.